Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Belly" Talk

My excitment continues! Went on Goggle to prepare myself to be a mum; and don't know where to start searching. Surfed by Amazon for some pregnancy books; chosen 'Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy'. Apart from discovering the 40 weeks' happening, I am also curious about baby talk.

These are some words shared by others:

Mandee:"Oh, I always talked to my children. I loved that part of being pregnant."

Michelle:"hat is normal and it is also good for your baby to hear your voice. It may not feel like it to you, but you are bonding with your baby even while he is in your belly."

Heather:"Its great, because your baby will get used to your voice. Its even better if you have a name picked out for the baby and you say their name to them. They get used to their name and when they are delivered, they will know their own name."

Jasmine:"t is actually a good thing to talk to the baby that way they learn to reconize your voice. So keep talking and dont feel weird about it."

Shadow:"I reckon it is healthy and most often in the later part of the pregnancy, the baby will recognise your voice and respond by moving or kicking!!!"

Jennifer:"Not only are you not "weird"--you are totally normal!!!! My daughter is 14 weeks preg and she has been talking to her tummy since week 6, LOL! I also talked to my babies when I was pregnant. I felt a little strange doing it, but it felt so natural to talk to them; I just wanted to bond with them. Enjoy it--and know you're completely normal! :)"

Passion:" Your womb is already rich in sound -- the beating of your heart, the rhythmic swoosh of the placenta, even the gurgles of your stomach are music to your baby's ears. Express your love. Your baby is listening (and learning too). Save time to talk to your baby, in the bath, or before you go to sleep. Make it a habit once or twice during the day to say something loving out loud. And why not ask your partner for a "good night" massage and verbal expressions of love and encouragement to your little one...."

Evelyn:"New research from Queen's Faculty of Health Science proves that at 30 weeks the fetus is indeed able to hear and just might be listening to your muffled words of love. "If we play sounds loudly - really loud - the 30-week-old fetuses will move to it, but we don't get any response prior to 30 weeks," says Dr. Kisilevsky. "What we still don't know is what they hear, or how clearly they distinguish various sounds."

Gloria:"Doctors also advised for fathers to tickle the wifes stomach coz the baby already feels it. lullabyes are also good means of communicating to the baby."

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