Thursday, April 26, 2007

Week 6 Day 0 - First Seen

I had my first gynae visit and my heart was filled with overflowing of excitement; not knowing what to expect. Well, I am afraid of needle poking... thus, blood test might be hell for me. And delivery.... big challenge physically and emotionally. But I will deal with this pregnancy step by step.

They took my weight and height measurements for a start and then I met Dr. Yvonne Soong at Thomson Medical Centre. After some light chat, we did the scan! I saw my uterus through the monitor and Dr. Yvonne showed me where my baby is - as small as a beanie. "Hi mummy! I am here! I am here! I am this beanie look alike, barely 1cm! See my heartbeat, blinking like a star? Mummy, daddy, you both finally saw me!!!!"

It was such a magical feeling seeing my little precious beanie in my uterus and has a prety fast heartbeat! Dr. Yvonne said that the baby was growing well! My next appointment seeing my little precious beanie will be in two weeks' time on May 7!

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