Friday, April 20, 2007

Hunting Gynae

It was such a nausea night and I just tossed and turned. Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy, nothing I can do but making myself feel better with preserved fruits like sour plums. That feeling lasted till late morning and my breakfast was so uncomforatble. My mother-in-law said NOT too much soya milk, too cooling. Caffeine is out of the question. Maureen made me a mug of milo.

Deciding on one of the followings:

1) Thomson Medical Centre
• Dr Madeleine Tan (recommended by Genik)
• Dr T.C Chang (recommended by Genik)
• Dr Yvonne Soong Tel: 6353 9035 (recommended by Carol)

2) W C Cheng & Associates@Thomson Medical Centre
Tel : 6253-4122
• Dr W.C Cheng (recommended by Genik)
• Dr X.X Cheng (recommended by Genik)

3) Dolly Wee Clinic & Surgery For Women Pte Ltd@Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Tel: 6734 6673
• Dr Dolly Wee (recommended by Susan)

• Dr Christine Yap(recommended by Venet)

4) KK Women’s Clinic @ Ang Mo Kio
Tel: 6294 4050 Add: Blk 721, Ang Mo Kio Central, Avenue 8 #01-2807 Singapore 560721

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