Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Positive Sign

For the past few days, I was feeling blue and my stomach felt as if it was upside down, with gastric gas bloating inside. No appetite for food and that's impossible for me being a snacker. My mind was telling me she wanted to eat. But my body refrained from it. The conflicting mind never come to terms.

Still having this uncomfortable disturance in my tummy, so I visited a neighbourhood clinic. The first few questions from Dr. Kok - "Are you married?" "When was your last period?" ( (

"Shall we do a pregnancy test first before I diagnose you further?" asked Dr Kok. And he explained that for positive pregnency sign, it will show two lines: One is a so-called controlled line, the other of course is the positive line. Controlled line may comes in vertical or horizontal line dependent on the manufactuers. Thus, if it is positive for pregnancy, the postive line will appear in the form of cross or plus symbol, while others in single or double parallel lines formation. If it is negative for pregnancy, there will not be any additional lines, just merely that controlled line.

I can't believe my eyes! Dr Kok asked:" How many lines did you see?" "TWO!!!!!"

He checked my pulse and blood pressure and prescribed some anti-nausea pills before I see a gynae.

I called Dada immediately to tell him that he is going to be somebody's daddy!!!!

Well, this is the beginning of my life adventure! The beginning to lifestyle changes!

Whole day I was feeling nausea, even bought a small bottle of Ginseng Prunes and carried in my bag. No appetite for lunch and dinner, but bought some ham to go with slices of bread to eat where necessary. In additon, to make sure I get some food nutrients, I decided to brew chicken porridge for lunch tomorrow! Also bought plenty of fruits. No more chilled drinks...

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