Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stay Home

Morning sickness has not come today! Happily... I made ham sandwich and poured a mug of soya drink for breakfast!

Just having a bloated tummy and slight breathing difficulty. I continued my research on gynaecology and maternity packages. Susan suggested that I should see a gynae soon than to wait till 8 weeks since it is my first time. The gynae will prescribe folic pills that we wont get from normal clinics.

(Started to prepare my ingredients for my chicken porridge...)
1. Chicken drumstick (1 piece, cut into two)
2. Dried clams (3 to 5 pieces)
3. Ginger (2 slices and small amount of stripes)
That's all!

The trick and the essence - brewed chicken soup!

I made a pot for lunch and tea-time as I realised that small meals work for me better. Followed by a golden yellow apple from U.S! Golden delicious with a gingery-smooth, and sweet taste.

Hmm.... a bit tired now. Kinda breathless...

Early Pregnancy Symptoms for me...
• Missed period or a period
• Exhaustion or feeling sleepy
• Increased sense of smell
• Nausea and vomiting
• Tender or swollen breasts

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