Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 8 Day 4 - Second Time

Baby Cupcake is growing well! 2.17cm in length and we can literally see the baby’s legs! Well, can you imagine a Lego figuring... Geez. This time we can see Baby Cupcake’s heartbeat much more clearer, it’s growing strong! And amazingly, I can see Baby Cupcake’s heartbeat on my tummy, in slight ripple movements, in fast momentum. It’s truly amazing! Even Dada enjoys the magical sight.

Susan: “I can imagine! It’s a wonderful experience and I am happy to see how much you are enjoying it! It’s really coaxing isn’t it?”

Wyn: “Haha... Seriously love the way you describe your cupcake’s development. And the first time hearing someone call the baby, Baby Cupcake. Can tell the relationship between moms and food.”

Weilee: “Wow! Growing baby! Active mom!”

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