Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hungry Nights

Whenever it comes to supper time nowadays, I feel pretty sick. Sick with the choices, yet still have to put it in my mouth! If it is not my handmade ham and cheese sandwich (with mushroom & capsicum), it is tuna sandwich. Else is cha siew bun or chicken bun. Or Polar chicken pie! Or my favourite strawberry biscuits and Enfamama milk (chocolate flavor...)

So, I decided to cook for my supper! I am going to prepare macaroni:
• Soup base macaroni with (1) leafy vegetable, mushroom, tofu (2) mommy’s wanton (3) yong tau fu
• Mushroom attack - Tomato or cream base fried macaroni with different kinds of mushrooms (with/ w/o) capsicum

I have to bear in mind ‘the balanced diet’ formula and got to be healthy in every single meal I take.
• Plenty of starchy carbohydrates - bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, chapattis, couscous and potatoes.
• Plenty of fruit and vegetables - at least five portions a day.
• Lots of milk, yoghurt, fromage frais and pasteurised cheeses.
• Enough protein, such as meat, fish, eggs (well-cooked), beans and pulses.
• Not too many fat-rich and sugary foods.
• Aim to have at least eight glasses of fluids per day.

This morning, my Shop N Save’s basket today consists of:
• Macaroni
• Dried Anchovies
• Leafy vegetable (Chye Sim)
• Mushroom
• Capsicum (Green)
• Tofu
• Strawberries
Total $13.65

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