Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Am Bloating!

I have stopped wearing my wedding band on my finger! Nothing bad happened to my marriage, just that I am 'expanding'! Thus, I have chained my wedding band like a pendant. Well, you can't tell from naked eye that I am bloating! Sob, it doesn't fit anymore.

Besides my fingers, my bust and belly too without saying. All my jeans and 95% of my wardrobe of clothings fit no more. I hate my wardrobe with all the baby tees, baby polos and slim-cut tops and tight-fitted jeans which I can't possibly put on anymore. I should have more flare and babydolly tops, more draw-string bottoms.

Now, the new additions:
1x Maternity jeans from Moms R Us (www.moms-rus.com)
1x White babydoll dress from Moms R'Us
1x Maternity shorts from Flava Mama (www.flavamama.com)
1x Brown working pants from Thyme Maternity
1x Grey capri from Thyme Maternity
> 10 flare tops which I took from my sister...

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