Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mommy & Food

What a satisfying lunch! Homecooked meal and I cook! As long as it's healthy, I don't mind the time and effort. My perception has changed. I used to be easy on food and snack on junk. Now, everything for Baby Cupcake.

Today's lunch, I cook pasta with Prego Mushroom Sauce. Ingredients include: Mushrooms, capsicum, ladies' fingers, fish cakes, prawns and garlic and of course pasta! Dada totally enjoys it!

Needeless to say, my cooking is nothing compared to mommy's cooking. She is the best cook to me! Due to this pregnancy, I also learn a few dishes from her:

• Chicken porridge with chicken thigh and dried scallop.
• Ee mee in oyster and dark soya sauce with vegetables, mushroom
• Fried rice with mushroom, capsicum, luncheon meat, peas, carrots
• Clay-pot rice in dark soya sauce wuth chicken slices, mushrooms
• Soup: Herbal chicken soup using slow cooker
• Dish: (1) Oyster-based xiao bai cai
• Dish: (2) Bean sprout fried with capsicum, mushroom and salted fish
• Dish: (3) Minced pork friend in dark soya sauce with tofu

I always look forward to her cooking as it increases my appetite!

Knowing that my body was kinda weak all these while, in these recent weeks, mommy made me herbal chicken soup, snow fungus and hashima (in Chinese language Xue3 Ge2). Although hashima is a cheaper version of bird's nest soup, she was told by the medical hall master that hashima is much more better than bird's nest for pregnancy! PS: Hashima is not very cheap too; premium ones (pure white without yellow impurities) in just a small lump, can cost $18. Others goes up to > $100!!!

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