Sunday, May 27, 2007

Night Kitchen

Boiling three servings of maraconi now: Supper for tonight, breakfast and tea-time for tomorrow.
Gosh! Never been so hardworking in the kitchen.

I prepared the container to house my cooked macaroni, capsicum and mushrooms (added olive oil and pepper) so that they can be microwaved with Prego Mushroom sauce in the office. Yesh yesh yesh, I am changing my breakfast menu; away from fried mee, bao and chee cheong fen.

It can be easy to be healthy! Just some effort. Umm.... thinking of Potato Egg Salad for my Tuesday's breakfast (with boiled brocoli and carrot)!

Potato Egg Salad: Combine potatoes, egg, onions, and vegetables like carrots, brocoli or lettuce. Stir in mayonnaise, mustard, and salt and pepper to taste. (Stir the mayonnaise and mustard in a little at a time, until you have the flavor and consistency you like.) Top with thinly sliced tomatoes and cucumber, if desired.

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