Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today Vivien and I just 'push' our new magazine - NEW MOM - into the 'delivery room'; we just gave the approval for production printing.

NEW MOM's contents inspire and encourage me more than ever! I am able to feel the connection. Contrastingly, during the process of putting everything together, I discovered more pregnancy symptoms in myself. Vivien joked that I am truly a spokesperson for pregnancy. One major issue, forgetfulness, less alert. I hate to be a scatterbrain and I know I am totally not like this before pregnancy. It's a temporary effect of hormonal changes. So, I write everything down especially for work. And hunt for design help where possible. Thanks Ken!

Vivien, my client, as been very patient with me. Mauck! Thanks Vivien!

PS: I have also completed MY BABY magazine - Your Guide for Pregnancy, Afterbirth and Baby Care - for Vivien in Feb 2007. Very enriching for me now. Last time, I read most of the words for design and layout purposes. Now I read almost every single words for information to quench my thirst.

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