Saturday, June 2, 2007


Dada and I have not seen Baby Cupcake for almost three weeks! This appointment was done by TMC - an ultrasonic scan and blood test screening for Down Syndrome. Our FIRST TRIMESTER TEST: to screen for possible genetic conditions.

Wow! Baby Cupcake's fingers and toes were showing; hands were held in fist, waving position and the legs kicking! Baby Cupcake wriggled and swam, made toss and turns! The nose bridge was pretty defined too! Skull measured 2.2cm in diameter and legs about 1cm long. Overall length estimated about 5cm long. The heartbeat was strong and fast and the nurse assured us that Baby Cupcake had been growing well.

Actually Baby Cupcake was being naughty and not co-operative for the ultrasonic scan. As the scan needs to measure the fluid under the skin at the back of the baby's neck, Baby Cupacke refused to be in lying position; and instead sitting upright! We all laughed as Baby Cupcake posed and as if waving at us as we saw from the screen. Eventually, after many failed attempts, I was asked to take a stroll and return for another scan, hoping that Baby Cupcake could lie down in the desired position. I also drown myself with water too to achieve a better scan.

After 20 minutes, Baby Cupcake was lying down!!!! But with his back bones facing us; Baby Cupcake curled in facing down position. Argh! So, the nurse had to asked me to compromise a position by turing to my sides and with slight coughs to make Baby Cupcake move and to achieve a scannable position. What a naughty baby!

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