Saturday, June 9, 2007

Week 13 Day 2 - Growing Well

Baby Cupcake's brain is developing well; we could see both the right and left brain very defined on the screen! Now I can start to take some DHA supplement. Vivien gave me NATAL CARE PLUS and EPAX FORTE SOFTGEL - An Australian specially balanced formulation that helps fulfil dHA requirement for foetal / baby brain development, and optimises the brain development of the foetus and infant. Dr. Yvonne gave me permission to consume.

Dr. Yvonne assured us that baby is doing the right things at present week.

Throughout that few minutes of scan, Baby Cupcake could not stay still, active and bubbly like me! Wriggling and tossing and turning! It's a magical sight. Dr. Yvonne commented that Baby Cupcake has pretty long arms and defined nose bridge, just like Dada!

Baby Cupcake is now 8cm long!

"See you in a month's time, baby!"

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