Saturday, July 7, 2007

Belly Beautiful!

With my maternity wear inventory like:
• 1x Maternity jeans from Moms R Us (
• 1x White babydoll dress from Moms R'Us
• 1x Maternity shorts from Flava Mama (
• 1x Brown working pants from Thyme Maternity (
• 1x Grey capri from Thyme Maternity
• • 1x Maternity dress from Bloom by Matron-Bell Enterprise (

Today Dada added more to my wardrobe:
• 2x Maternity tops from Belly Basics
• 1x Khaki capri from Belly Basics

Still short of one demin capri..... gee. Maybe I wil get from Spring at AMK Hub, Level 2.

PS: The nightmare - I am freezing all my other clothings till I can shrink back to my usual body shape. Maybe mid 2008 (being very optimistic!) else end 2008 :(

My shopping details for sharing:

Moms R Us (
United Square Mall #B1-64 Tel:Tel: 6259 3326

Matron-Bell Enterprise (
Novena Square #02-28 Tel: 6255 6680

Thyme Maternity (
United Square Mall #03-XX

Belly Basics
People's Park Market #03-1106 Tel: 6532 6810

or Mothers En Vogue ( which I have yet to explore.

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