Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grandparents: Their First

My in-laws were pretty excited over Baby Cupcake. It's is almost like their first love again.

Though they did not show it on their faces, they showed through actions. Of course it's understandable, it's their first grandchild! Besides Dada is their one and only child. Now Baby Cupcake "supercedes" his daddy. hahahaha! When you are the one and only kid around, you could (almost) have the world! I don't think Dada and I gonna pamper Baby Cupcake unreasonably during the path of his growing up.

Back to Baby Cupcake's grandparents: My mother-in-law bought a $350 worth of Ginseng for me (two months back) and father-in-law bought a gold coin today from The Singapore Mint for baby! (PS: He has also started with conceptual development of names for Baby Cupcake, more blogs coming up...... getting more exciting....)

(7006) BOAR $5 ¼oz 999 Fine Gold Proof Coin

This exquisitely minted gold proof coin is elegantly presented in an auspiciously shaped 8-sided box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

• Mintage: 5000 pc
• Issue Date: 05-Jan-2007
• Net Weight (g): 7.76
• Diameter (mm): 21.96
• Retail Price: S$489.00

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