Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't Go Too Mad

Many advised that we should not go too madly to prepare for nusery items. Babies grow day by day, centimeters by centimeters! Of course for first-time daddies and mommies, like Dada and I, to refrain from buying, is a challenge. You just could not resist the cuties hanging on display that say "I Am A Milkaholic" or "If you think I am pretty, take a look at my mommy!"

Though I have items passed down from friends and I may know some baby essential items, I could not help to try to make a checklist; just to be sure we are ready for Baby Cupcake's arrival. So I googled for help.

Checklist extracted from

"These are some essential items that you'll need for the nursery and it is advisable to have the nursery set up well in advance of the expected birth date. This page includes a list of suggested items as well as.... those which you should consider when buying, hiring or inheriting pre-loved items. Don't go too mad with your shopping - get what you consider to be the essentials, and if you're not sure about an item, maybe hire or borrow. You can always buy other items at a later date when you know what suits you and your baby - they're all different! And don't forget, if you have a baby shower, you may get given lots of useful gifts - in particular, clothing, toys and toiletries."

> bodysuits
> singlets
> growsuits
> sunhat
> warmhat
> jackets, jumpers, cardigans
> socks
> bibs

> bassinet
> bassinet mattress
> bedding for bassinet (3 undersheets, 3 top sheets, 3 mattress protectors, blankets)
> cot
> cot mattress
> bedding for cot (2 undersheets, 2 top sheets, 2 mattress protectors, blankets)
> monitor

> change table
> change mat
> basic toiletries (nappy wipes, barrier cream, sorbolene cream, cotton wool,
cotton buds, nappy disposal bags, soap/bubble bath, shampoo, massage oil)
> supply of newborn nappies (fitted cloth or disposable)
> bath - look for one with a 'plug'
> bath seat - stops baby moving in the bath
> towels, 2 at least
> washers, 2 at least
> water temperature thermometer
> nail scissors
> hairbrush & comb
> muslin squares

> comfortable chair for feeding / night-time settling
> nightlight
> mobile
> decor - curtains, pictures, rugs, etc
> chest of drawers for storage
> bouncer chair
> toys
> activity mat
> re-stock your first aid kit

> pram
> sun shade for pram
> baby capsule / car seat
> head support for capsule
> sun shades for car windows
> carry-sling
> nappy-bag with change mat
> portable cot

If you are intending to breastfeeding, you'll require very little additional 'equipment'. If feeding is difficult and you find that you do need feeding equipment such as sterilisers, bottles, and formula, these items are readily available in most towns and cities.

> breastpads
> special 'feeding' pillow or 'V' shaped cushion

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Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

any idea if baby is male or female? can email me the things that you still need? would love to give you something, even if it is some tonic for your health!

and remember, baby grows, so get second hand if you can to save $$$