Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gifts from Auntie Vivien

"Auntie Vivien has been so generous and thoughtful! She gave me tons of diapers and now, all these baby essential items: Bean sprout pillow, Pigeon milk bottles and toiletries from Johnson & Johnson. My mommy has a set for breastfeeding and a baby sling to carry me around!"

"These are my new bean sprout pillow! I love the designs that mommy has chosen for me! Granny said back in the "kampong" days, grandmothers and mothers make pillows using bean sprout husks for newborn babies. Because this pillow is use to be laid on babies' chests, giving the babies a sense of security, as if they are being cuddled in their mummy’s arm or even in their womb. This pillow also acts as cushioning to the loud noise and movement and will prevent shocking them."

So, I will feel safe!

~ Baby Cupcake

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