Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Feel Baby Cupcake!

The first sensation was faint, fluttering feeling and like bubbles 'popping' in my belly. I guessed it's Baby Cupcake but yet I started to ask the mommies - Venet, Susan and Sharon. They are pretty sure is Baby Cupcake who is wriggling around!!

These few days, the 'jerking feeling' is getting more obvious and distinguish. Dr. Yvonne said that I would feel more kicks from Baby Cupcake around Week 24.

Sensing this for the first time is a thrilling and exciting experience, as well as, a wonderful confirmation of baby's growth and presence. This medical term for when a woman feels her baby move is called 'quickening'.

"The timing of sensing baby's movement is very individual but it will usually happen at some stage during the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy (between 12 to 28 weeks). In most cases, some form of awareness is first sensed between 18 to 22 weeks of the pregnancy." NOTE: If you are more than 22 to 24 weeks pregnant and you feel your baby is active, a strategy you can use to show others how your baby is moving is to place a light object (such as a paper napkin or even a small plate) on top of your belly while lying down. As your baby kicks the object will move, often to the delight and amazement of onlookers! Partners may also feel movements during the night as you lie behind him and the baby gives him a kick in the back! - Extracted from

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