Monday, July 16, 2007

Intense Pull

We know that (frm hear-say hear-say) leg cramps may occur during the second trimester and may get worse as pregnancy progresses and when the belly gets bigger. Maybe my leg muscles are tired from carrying all my extra weight?

Well, I had my first cramp for pregnancy on Sunday morning! Pretty severe and intense that I have to wake Dada up. He sprang up almost instantly like a superhero as I tapped his back, and helped me to ease the pulling effect. (Dada seemed very proud about his immediate response... you know.) He stretched my calf muscles: Straighten my leg, heel first, and gently flex toes backwards. It was hurting at first, but the pain gradually went away.

Now I constantly massage the muscles with Thyme Maternity smoothing gel and Dada promised to stretch my calf muscles regularly before I go to bed.

Well, recalling why this happenned; I concluded that I walked too much and without much rest last Saturday. Geez, walked from Takashimaya to Cuppage Plaza is the cause. It's street walking (faster pace than shoppng), that's why. Also shopped at IKEA and NTUC for hours. Good in the sense that I have "tested" my limit on that Saturday.

Learnt my lesson well from my indigestion cases, now I am learning to walk lesser else rest more in between walks.

Limping today... sob.

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