Saturday, July 28, 2007

Learning To Be Parents

This is the first step we are embarking on for the new adventure of being someone's parents. Daddy and I will be attending ParentCraft@TMC, a childbirth education course from Sep 2, for five weekly lessons and one Doctor's Talk.

Lesson 1: Physical and Mental Preparation
• Antenatal Excercise
• Nutrition Before and After Delivery
• Myths and Traditions
• Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
• Back Care and Postures
• Instructional Video
• Q&A

Lesson 2: Pain Relief
• Antenatal Excercise
• Physiological Approach to Breathing Techniques
• Changes in Pregnancy Leading to Signs and Labour Symptoms
• Other Alternatives Types of pain Relief in Labour
• Instructional Video
• Q&A

Lesson 3: Labour
• Antenatal Excercise
• Physiological Approach to Breathing Techniques
• Learning to Cope in Labour
• Mechanisms of Normal Childbirth
• Husband's Role
• Hospital Tour
• Instructional Video
• Q&A

Lesson 4: Practical Hands-On Baby Care
• Hands-on Child Care
• General Care
• Skin Care
• Diaper Care
• Bathing
• Coping with Crying and Fretful Baby
• Coping with Sleepy or wakeful Baby
• Coping with Colic
• Instructional Video
• Q&A

Lesson 5: Feeding
• Breastfeeding
• Bottle Feeding
• Sterilisation of Feeding Equipment
• Weaning (Introduction of Solid Food)
• Learning to Enhance Your Child's Physical and Mental Development
• Q&A

Doctor's Talk

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