Friday, July 27, 2007


Second-trimester ultrasounds are usually done to more accurately estimate gestational age, confirm the number of babies in the womb, determine the location of the placenta, and to scan the baby’s body to look for normal and abnormal anatomy.

Baby Cupcake is a boy boy! He weighs 347g!

Anomaly Scan
1. Fetal Meauurements: (Measurements plotted in relation to he normal mean and 5th to 95th centile)
• Biparietal Diameter: 49.0mm (
• Head Circumference: 178.0mm
• Abdominal Circumference: 151.0mm
• Est. Fetal Weight: 347g
• Genitalia: Male
Well, the list goes on but too medical to understand... shall not list all.

2. Fetal Anatomy
It says:"The following were visualised and appear normal ranges: head, brain, orbits and lips, spine, neck and skin, chest, four-chamber view and outflow tacts, abdominal wall, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, extremities, skeleton.

We signed up for ParentCraft programme, commencing on Sept 2! Gee! Will be fun and exciting to attend with Dada! Maybe starting prenatal yoga in Aug....

"Time to gear up, Daddy, Mommy! And I need a name too!" ~ Baby Caupacke

PS: The nurse at ParentCraft called him 'Daddy' and Dada feels extremely goooooooooood!

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