Sunday, August 19, 2007

Babies Can Learn

For more information, check out

I always believe that there is a big fun-filled world out there for babies to discover. And I don't mean to get these learning or stimulating VCDs/ DVDs at this stage of my pregnancy - behaving like a kaisu, overwhelming mom-to-be - now; just happen to see this at AMK Central; grabbed and checked out. Baby Cupcake will need it...

"How will my baby learn?" - Click here -

Dada also bought a 5-VCD set - Your Baby Can Read - to celebrate with Michelle and Jose, their baby girl's arrival: Alexandra Nicole. Quite a brillant gift uh (of course is my idea lah!) for the growing up of Nicole. Check out

Brainy Baby - another popular DVD series - for babies from 9 months. Check out

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