Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Additions

From Fox Baby, AMK Hub Level 2
Heh! Yes, I bought two more pieces for Baby Cupcake (though he has lots from hand-me-down) but he is lacking of sleepwears. (Ah..ha! Is that convincing enough?) These two pieces are 'sailor' designs, pretty dashing for Baby Cupcake.

From Fox Baby, AMK Hub Level 2
Ooooh, this is a very good example for 'OUT-OF-CONTROL'. Too early for baby ya. Of course I know as Baby Cupcake could be on his fours (crawling) or stumbling in these! Well, gee.... they are at 50% off due to their summer clearance sales, so I keep them till the right moment. Besides, it is real tough to get baby shirt of soft cotton, else it may cost $30 per piece!

PS: Very "Mini-Jeff" style too...

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