Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prenatal Yoga ONZ!

Ahh.... I am go for my prenatal yoga soon!!! After evaluating the yoga schools - pricing, schedule and location- . Thus, I am taking from TMC ParentCarft at AMK Hub! Starting from Sep7. (PS: Our ParentCraft sessions at TMC starting Sep 2; will be a busy September; plus need to prepare Baby's Cupcake's inventory real soon....)

Though is pretty steep in terms of pricings, timing and location fit perfectly well. $220 for 5 lessons. I save alot on travel timing and expenses. My alternate option is Whatever Yoga (under Colleen Simmonds), at Outram area. $180 for 10 lessons. By the time I got home, in a cab after long waiting or calling a cab, then stuck in the usual CTE evening jam, will be 9pm.

I made my choice based on practicability... tired to travel nowdays with a balloonin and heavier belly.

• TMC for 10 lessons = $440
• Whatever Yoga for 10 lessons = $180 (fees) +$200 (cab fare to and fro) + cab waiting time and inconvenience factors

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