Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Two To Tango

Dada has been extremely supportive of my pregnancy since Day 1.

• He massages my legs every night;
• He masages my eyes, face and hands ocassionally;
• He blankets me every night, in the middle of the night;
• He accompanies me to toilet every morning;
• He kisses me every morning and every night...
• He is very involved in getting a reliable infant care; thorough research and review;
• He is anxious about having an unique name for Baby Cupcake; reach out to a vast comunity!
• He talks about pregnancy and parenting topics with his colleagues nowadays!
• He accompanies me everywhere; and try not to leave me alone on the street;
• He carries all my bags;
• He works doubly hard at work;
• He gives in to me IF he agitates me

In the process of becoming a father, men are filled with excitement, fear, wonder, worry, love, and confusion. (Just to name a few feelings!) Men today want to participate in the birth process. They want to be there with and for their partners. They want to be involved in offering support and love... Fathers who are able to participate in the birth of their child often report that the sharing of this experience with their partner/wife remains one of the most important moments in their relationship and in their lives. (Extracted from www.pregnancy.org)

Next step, I would like to have a supportive labour companion who can make a major difference to both the experience and outcome of labour and birth. Research has shown that social support (Extracted from /www.babyworld.co.uk):

• Reduces a woman’s need for pain-killing drugs
• Reduces the likelihood of medical interventions in labour
• Increases a woman’s satisfaction with her birth experience
• Increases the time a woman is likely to breastfeed her baby
• Reduces the chances of her experiencing difficulties in mothering her baby

PS: Hey daddy, if you think you might want to cut the umbilical cord, tell the midwife in advance!

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