Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 24 Day 0 - Doctor Says

It has been a long wait to see Baby Cupcake since my last gynae appointment. I am sure he is doing very fine as he turns, tosses and moves everyday.But seeing him on the monitor gives a different feel. His little knuckles are very strong and features pretty much define.

Dr. Yvonne said that Baby Cupcake is growing very well and weighs 704g. By my next visit, he should be about 1.2kg. That's half a dumb-bell inside me! Oooooh......

Dr. Yvonne said I have a very nice belly! Thanks to the the stretch mark cream and all my hard work everyday since Day 1.

And finally.... Dr. Yvonne congratulated me for the presence of colostrum - the first secretion from mammary glands!

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