Friday, September 28, 2007

Bubble Time

After last week's parentcraft session on baby care - baby bath - we have been paying a bit more attention on the essential items we need for Baby Cupcake's bubble time!

Researched from forums that the two non-rinse brands are SebaMed and Lactacyd which is highly recommended. But many also said that in most hospitals, they are also using J&J; because one drop of J&J bath gel is as safe as non-rinse ones. PS: One new mom strongly recommended SebaMed and Mustela as they don't contain sodium laureth sulfate.

I also remembered last week at parentcraft, they are using Lactacyd (retail price at TMC Parentcraft AMK Hub approx. $12.00). Well... I have J&J products ready. "No Tears"... But still may want to give Lactacyd a try.

SebaMed Bubble Bath can be found at Guardian (retail price at TMC Parentcraft approx. $13.00)

We also bought these items from TMC Parentcraft too: Bold wipes (approx. $3.50), flannel wraps (approx. $12.00) and bath towels (approx. $12.00).

With these bathing essential items and the methods ready, we hope we won't flutter but to give Baby Cupcake the best bathing and bonding moment with us! PS: Dada is capable of bathing him too!

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