Sunday, September 23, 2007

ParentCraft - Baby Care

It's a fun session as we are 'playing' with dolls at today's lesson: parentcraft session about baby care - baby bath and colics.

Baby Cupcake's bubble time and it's also a bonding time betwwen parents and baby.

Let's start with some preparation; it's like three production stations:
Station 1) Bath tub hallf-filled with warm water, with one drop of non-rinse bath gel
Station 2) Laid bath towel - for undressing/ swaddling and drying/ dressing baby
Station 3) Laid flannel wrap with one fresh diaper/ napkin and clothings
Station 3) Standby nappy rash cream, powder, rubbing alcohol and anti-septic wash (for umbilical cord)

Ensure that everything is ready before bubble time:

• Baby bath tub
• Warm water at 37 degrees celsius
• Cotton balls (for eyes and face), cotton buds (external ear areas), cotton swabs (umbilical cord)
• Wash cloths/ bold wipes (preferrable as they are paper-like, softer for baby's skin)
• Flannel wraps
• Clean set of clothings
• Bath towel
• Bathing gel (non-rinse preferred)
• Diaper or napkin
• Napkin liner, nappy pins > if using napkin
• Nappy rash cream, powder and rubbing alcohol
• Cord spirit (anti-septic wash for umbilical cord)

Whoosh... need to do my shopping soon!

Oh oh... we also learnt HOW to hold the baby, pass the baby to partner and receiving, and baby's holds during bathing time and for burping. It's 'fragile' and we have to handle with extra extra care.

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