Sunday, September 16, 2007

ParentCraft - Labour

Tired Sunday... after my Sunday yoga at Pure Yoga. And at parentcraft today, we virtually went through the pain and pain relief methods of labour.

Epidural is one thing I am seriously prepared to have as I can't imagine the pain and I don't know my threshold. Of course there bound to have some risks and complications involved but minor and low probability. Risks exists everyday, every moment around us; just a matter of degree. We learnt that before dilation up to 8cm, we have to decide for eidural, else is way too late for anything!

Hubby also plays an important role in labour with moral, emotional and physical support! I really hope Dada can be the 'pillar'.

Labour > the most scary, painful and emotional moment... (Umm.... this is my definition of labour NOW; maybe it will change after my own experience. Let's see...)

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