Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Get-set For Hospital

FOR Mommy

• 2-3 pairs of warm socks (to wear in the delivery room)
• 1 extra pack of pads (maternity pads; or just get pads used for heavy flow)
• 4 - 5 sets of disposable panties
• iPod/ Discman with your favorite CD (music that will help you relax)
• Sweets (to smoothen throat)
• One presentable robe (to look good for your visitors or when you are checking on your baby in the nursery)
• Massage oil (recommended in most childbirth classes)
• 2 sets of nightgowns (one that opens in the front if you are planning on breastfeeding)
• 1 set of clothing for happy trip home (clothing with plenty of room will be the most comfortable like a baby-doll)
• 1 set of bra
• Cosmetics
• Toothbrush, toothpaste, face-towel
• Glasses/ Contact lenses
• 1 pair of slipper or flats
• 1 pair of house slippers (to feel like home)
• Handphone and charger
• Phone list to call to announce the birth of baby
• CordLife collection kit
(((• No Deodorant. Preferably not, as you will musk your natural scent from your baby. Studies have shown that traces of deodorants can be found in the breast tissues.)))

FOR Daddy
• Sweater (to keep warm during the long hours hospital's stay as labour companion)
• Snacks or sandwich (keep food on hand so the "labour companion" won't have to leave your bedside)
• Vending machine money (coins of $1, 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents)
• Books or CDs (to help mommy relax)
• Digital camera digital, plenty of megabyte space (make sure the device is fully charged)
• Camcorder and batteries (make sure he device is fully charged)
• Spare batteries for digital camera/ camcorder
• Phone list to call to announce the birth of baby
• Original Marriage certificate to register name of baby. You can either register your baby’s name at the hospital or at Immgration and Custom Authority(ICA). Birth should be registered within 14 days from the date of birth, including Sundays and public holidays. If registration is done after 42 days, a letter of explanation stating the reason for late registration must be submitted for the Registrar/Registrar General's approval. After approval has been given, the birth will be registered and the birth certificate will be issued. Such cases can only be registered at ICA.Visit the ICA's website for more information on how to register your baby.
• Admission letter (good to bring this letter everywhere you go after 36 weeks gestation as you may deliver anytime)

FOR Baby (((* For those delivering at TMC, like me, apparently, TMC will prepare everything for baby. Thus, you don't have to worry about the items for your baby!)
• Newborn clothing (1 set for going home as hospitals will provide clothing only during the stay)
• 1 receiving blanket (for going home)
• Extra diapers (hospitals will provide one pack of diaper)
• 1 set of mittens (for going home as they will be tightly swaddled during the hospital)

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