Thursday, November 1, 2007

Baby Bookworm

After my baby development book - "Fun Start" by June Oberlander (, now I add "Help Your Baby Learn!" by Penny Warner to my shelf. This book is supported by Family Matters Singapore too! Overall, this is a comprehensive guide to baby's growth and development in the first year - month by month learning programmes - on how baby grows cognitively, physically, psychologically, emotionall and socially!

Read more here -

It's amazing how newborns are able to learn and absorb since their first cry. I am not referring to the intelligence side but newborns learn about rooting reflex in their first few days! Then surroundings. And sounds. Feel, sight and hearing.... "Peek-A-Boo" for instance can stimulate the newborns' mind! When reaching their fourth month, they are looking at some flashcards of simple shapes or daily objects. Then colours. And textures! And exploring solid food!

Ooooh, I am also getting "Calm Baby Integrated Learning Set" that includes flashcard, VCD and Audio CD -

The magic word here is 'integrated'...

Read more about the benefits -

PS: Think along the line of getting educational related gifts for Baby Cupcake's baby shower...... dont get him clothings; he has tons now!

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