Friday, November 9, 2007


Fetal Movement Chart

Of course you dont need this exactly tabulation to monitor your baby's movement; you can simply mark the frequency or timing. Methods vary from each gyane anway... As long as there is at least ten movements per day, baby is safe! Fetal movement is one indicator of fetal's health. A change in the normal pattern or number of fetal movements may indicate the fetus is under stress.

Babies don't move non-stop and there's interval of rest; that considered one movement and we will await for his next move. In short, Baby Cupcake's mutli-combo movements will not be counted respectively to the number of punches or kicks.

However, there's another method of checking baby's movement. That is to see how much time it takes to feel 10 movements. Ten movements (such as kicks, flutters, or rolls) in one hour or less are considered normal, because less activity may simply mean the baby is sleeping. If we are unable to feel 10 movements over an hour, continue counting for a second hour. If we count fewer than 10 movements over a two-hour period, we should start to worry and maybe call up the gynae.

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