Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nukkles Nukkles

NUKKLES (for adults) and SNUKKLES (for babies)

Front and back view of SNUKKLES (for babies)

We bought these pieces of 'plastics' for body aches, from my gynae's clinic. Recently I have back and lower backaches as Baby Cupcake is heavier day by day.

A pair of NUKKLES at $55, and free SNUKKLES (for baby). Amazingly these 'plastics' work wonders for my back and lower back. It felt so professional and relieves tension immediately!

NUKKLES are made of a very stable, strong but flexible polycarbonate called Lexan®.
NUKKLES are very effective through clothing.
NUKKLES are very easy to use - you don't need any special training.

For more info, check out

Feels great! I am addicted!

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