Friday, November 2, 2007

Week 34 Day 1 - Heavier Cupcake

Baby Cupcake is now 2.54kg and according to Dr. Yvonne, he is a bit bit heavy. I bet Baby Cupcake is happily absorbing the food as he has nothing much to do.... Some also said that baby boys are slightly heavier than baby girls.

I started to get a bit tensed with a big baby, what if he continues to grow rapidly at this rate.... So I asked about his crown measurements. "30cm, his crown curcumference," she replied. Um... she added that if the crown circumference grows to 34cm and beyond, then C-section is the only choice. Thus, weekly checkup from Week 36 onwards is important and we will discuss the labour options in detail soon. She assured me that I should be natural birth as the crown will only grow approx. 5mm per week. See how it goes (or See how he growws...)

My homework form Dr. Yvonne: To monitor Baby Cupcake'sl movements from now on, on a daily basis. He MUST move at least ten times per day.

In two weeks' time, I will be strapped to the CTG machine and monitored for 20 minutes to check on contractions and baby's heartbeat. Ummm.... Braxton kicks, not yet or maybe I have overlooked and not sensitive enough.

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