Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 36 Day 1 - CTG

Hi! I am hooked on to the CTG machine for the first time.

Graph plotted for baby's heartbeat and my contractions

It took Alice a while to locate Baby Cupcake's heartheat as usually others were at a lower position at Week 36. Mine is located above my belly botton. Overall duration is about 20 minutes and will have to restart the entire cycle if at any point, the baby moves (because heartbeat has to be tracked down again....)

Thank goodness that Baby Cupcake behaves well! His hearbeat was extremely fast, I meant it's normal for all babies. It sounded like horse galloping at fast speed, like 450km/h!!!! I have it recorded on my K770i. Gee...

Today Baby Cupcake weighs 2.637kg; just about 100g more as compared to his weight, two weeks back at Week 34. He has not engaged yet but he is definitely in the perfect position for natural birth.

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