Saturday, November 24, 2007

Week 37 Day 3 - CTG

Baby Cupcake weighs 2.867kg and crown circumference is 33.3cm. He has quite a big head. The CTG graph showed that I had regular mild contractions but I don't feel it physically. Either I don't recognise or I am not sensitive enough for this so-called false contraction known as Braxton Kicks.

Dr. Yvonne is flying off to Melborne today for a weel's conference! Back on Dec 3. Thus, I am telling Baby Cupcake to stay put and easy to wait for her return. Dr. Geraldine Tan will be covering her duty though.

Had a hard time sleeping at night recently. Turn left, right and on my back, yet I simply just can't go into sleep mode. My mind is filled with yension and anxiety, maybe....

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