Thursday, November 29, 2007

Week 38 Day 1 - CTG

Half-a-week had gone by peacefully and guess Baby Cupcake wants to wait for Dr. Yvonne's return.

I did my CTG at TMC's Labour Award because the clinc's CTG machine was heavily scheduled. The Labour Award was in a pretty tense situation. Nurses were running around; phones were ringing and the movement board was all occupied with doctor's names! Just as I was waiting for my observation bed to do my CTG, a fresh newborn was pushed out from a double-swing door; still with some mucus on the face and baby was wrapped tightly in a towel. The sight was warming; a new lease of life. Then the baby cried, as if saying 'hello' to me, as the nurse pushed the basket away...

Back to Dr. Geraldine Tan with my 40-min CTG, again, Baby Cupcake showed his hyper-active moments on the graph. Even though he was already engaged, he still 'danced'. She also commented that I had far more than enough of amniotic fluid - the watery liquid surrounding and cushioning a growing fetus within the amnion. It allows the fetus to move freely without the walls of the uterus being too tight against its body. Buoyancy is also provided.

Baby Cupcake weighs 3.065kg and now we just wait.

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