Friday, November 2, 2007

Wrapping Up

We are kind of wrapping up the baby preparation cycle. Just as what we have tried to target - by end Oct. Now looking at labour issues and more on baby care and development stages.

Daddy has been pretty quiet these days as compared to the first six months. He used to go online and hunt for baby information and stuff... Now he has more hands-on sessions like reading the books that I bought (esp. Baby Owner's Manual) and putting his plam on my belly and talks to Baby Cupcake.

Well..... he still has an outstanding 'To Do' list:
- Cleaning the baby cot
- Testing the sterilizer, food warmer

... to wrap up the preparation cycle. (PS: And for me, I have settled ny confinement catering with NEWBABY and post-natal massage package.)

Then he surprised me with - He is looking at products under the section of 'Postpartum' : Warming Body Wash for Confinement, Warming Shampoo for Confinement and Dry Confinement Powder!

How sweet right! I love you Dada!

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