Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week 1 - New Environment

Dec 15
Kayden has been very alert and strong since the day he was born! Must be the DHA and calcium supplements I took during pregnancy. He can play now! We made cute sounds like "Goo-goo" and make funny faces to him. He did stare at us and registering the image and sound I reckon!

Day 7

Dec 14
FIRST outing to Paediatric Centre to see Dr. Oh Meng Choo (as Dr. Keoy is outstationed) for his first review after discharge. I took out my checklist for the things to pack and was pretty excited. Gosh! Kayden needs a lot of stuff when going out! The most fearful matter to us was Kayden's 'screams' in the public and he did. Daddy gonna make milk at their pantry :) After Dr. Oh's review, he praised Daddy for the good job in cleaning his umbilical cord. We worried most is his jaundice level (upon discharge was tested at 10.1 whereby 10.0 was the passing line) and glad he was 100% free from jaundice!

Dec 13
My mum came to help out during my confinement and bath Kayden of course! Wee took the opportunity to learn and hands-on.

Day 4

Dec 12
Kayden's back home! He was put in the lovely little cot that we have prepared for him. Finally is occupied! The most cartoon sight happened when Daddy and I gonna change his diaper; we looked at each other, smiled, laughed and action!

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