Saturday, December 29, 2007

Week 3 - Everyday Changes

Dec 25 First Christmas
This Christmas has been very very special as we have Kayden with us! He has arrived in the perfect timing with continuous festive celebrations - Christmas, 2008 New Year then Chinese New Year - cannot ask for more for this precious gem. Ooooooh, spesking of gem, I have also received a Brillant Rose 0.26 diamond ring from daddy. Pretty touched.

PS: My fingers bloated and could not fit the ring! Gosh, may need to resize if is not water retention that cause the enlargement.

Dec 29 Don't Fit At All
Sob! After that BR 0.26 incident, I realised that my knuckles had grown and all my existing rings doesn't fit anymore! My proposal ring - from Soo Kee - still has a possibility to resize, BUT not my Jon Rainer from Lee Hwa as told by the Lee Hwa's staff!!!!

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