Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 39 Day 0 - Ultimate

It's getting very close to my EDD, Dec 11. The CTG graph shows no sign of contractions but my feet were very swollen. So swell that I feel numbess and wobbling.

To make things worst, Baby Cupcake now weights 3.449kg (last week merely 3kg!). He grows too much and the fluid seemed to have decreased. Dr. Yvonne suggested to induce labour on Dec 10 if there's no real happening within these few days.

We agreed! At least we know Baby Cupcake is arriving, latest on Dec 11 or 12...

PS: Last week of pregnancy is really unbearable...... will be over in the next 5 days or rather, I would say - a new beginning of a life-time challenging event!

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