Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week 4 - Let's Celebrate!

Jan 6 The Celebration
Kayden has received many blessings from our families and friends and his godma!

The first-month celebration was kinda a two-day event and almost full day. Though beaming for the celebration, it is very tiring!

Jan 5 First Trim
Traditionally, babies will have their first hair-cut at their first month's celebration. I held the little pair of scissors (brand new of course!) and started trimming, just for significant sake. Interestingly, as if he knows that we are trimming his hair, Kayden buried his face on his daddy's chest and I have all the time and space to trim the ends for him. It was a very pleasant experience!

Today was his "sneak preview" first-month celebration with his godma Shann, KKW and Susan, David and Sharon and their Maegan, Yew Soon and Ang, Seah, Venet Sieng Chye and their Ying Wen!

" My baby suit gift from Auntie Patalina who cannot make it today for my little celebration but my mommy has MMS her this picture." - Kayden

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