Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week 5 - What's Up Doc?

Jan 10 Jan 12 Doc Doc!
Kayden's second "outing" to visit my gynae, Dr. Yvonne and his pediatrician, Dr. Oh. At Paediatric Centre (Bishan Branch), Kayden did his 4-6 week reviewed and 'passed with flying colours'! Dr. Oh was amazed by one of his reflexes - tonic neck - whereby he tried to push his head up from a tummy-down position!

To my surprise too, for the FIRST time, Kayden tried to grab something! He reached our his arm and tried to grab a red dragonfly from the hanging mobile at the clinic! I decided to buy some 'toys' for him in red, black and white ones especially made for infants as these are the only colours they can see.

Jan 8 Size S
I have 'upgraded' to Size S for my diapers! Yeah Yeah!

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