Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 6 - Tears and Laughters

Jan 19 The Jabs
Daddy had planned his jab schedule till one-year-old. We are doing 6-in-1, Pneumococcal and Rotavirus which will prepare him for infant care when March comes. Today he had his first series on his left and right thigh and oral booster. Pretty brave boy with short cries when the needle poked him. Now, we worried that fever would come in addition to his cranky mood and poor appetite. True enough, fever comes at 2230hrs and subsided at 0030hrs with the "pink cocktail" medication of strawberry flavour! We then sleep in peace, else every hour we were taking his temperature...

Jan 17 Hit The Ball
Hit The Ball
He played for ten minutes and my hands were aching :) However, seeing him so engrossed in hitting the ball, I have no complains. It's quite satisfying seeing him growing day by day.

Jan 16 Head Turning
Kayden's head turning movements has quicken and smooth; no longer turing from left to right in a slow pace.

Jan 15 His Playground
His Little Playground
Kayden has developed great interest in hanging objects (red, black and white coloured objects) and hands reaching out to grab! This play set was bought by Zoe and has kept Kayden entertained in the afternoon.

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