Saturday, January 26, 2008

Week 7 - More Smiles

Jan 26 Do Not Disturb
I sleep like mummy! Goo-goo!

Jan 25 Fingers Licking Good

Kayden's first attempt to suck his little fingers when he is 'mitten-free'! Well... might be a bad habit; but is one of their entertainment. We will want to make him wean off this bad when he grows older and understand our 'yes yes' and 'NO! NO!'.

Jan 24
Another good night sleep for me - from 2215hrs to 0400hrs for his feed - that's about 5.5 hours straight down! Nothing I can ask for. Thanky Kayden! He woke with a smile, then he stuck his little tongue out - trying to interact with me! He simply just brightened my mornings!

Jan 23
I had a great sleep - five hours straight through - last night! from 2245hrs to 0345hrs for his feed! Kayden's first long interval sleep!!!!!!! This morning, he laughed with sound like 'keh...keh...keh..." which lasted for one minutes at least; wondered why he was extremely happy. Then he poo-poo - bright yellow in colour!!!!!!!! It was a bright, golden, cheerful morning for me and him. Also... interestingly, my JRT- Debby - kinda protects Kayden from Dony (See D&D here at - She refused to let off Dony's ear when Dony enters Kayden's room. She will follow wherever Kayden goes and watch over him when he cried!

Jan 22 Boo!
Last Sunday, he picked up a little ability - sticking out his tongue - though not a good manner, he responded pretty well!!! When I stick out mine, he will copy my actions! My mom don't believe it till she had her own experience - she 'taught' him another little ability with her lower lips making "hiss" sound. To her surprise, Kayden copied the lip movement immediately and "hissed". My mom ran to tell me with great excitement.

Now, hitting the ball has become an everyday activity! This time, my mom played with him and he practised hitting the ball with his left hand for the very first time!

Jan 21 Ball Ball
Too good to be true! He plays ball! When I hide the ball behind me, his hands stationed. When he saw the ball, his hands become very active and started to hit the ball! It was a very amazing moment that he and I are interacting and enhancing the bond.

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