Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 10 - Sunshine

Kayden has grown and able to sleep through on his own - 6pm, 9pm and 6AM feed! Hope this will continue...
I have done away with that "2-hour interval feed introduced at Week 8 (

Feb 12 Nursery Treasury

Bought this 'Nursery Bible' and guessed can last till Kayden is four or five years old! This book is more for me now than him. Why I buy it? Gosh, I realised that I can't tell a proper all-time favourite tale like "Three Little Pigs". I am preparing myself to share all the nursery rhymes and stories with him.

However today, I shared with him "Emperor's New Clothes" before his bath and to my great surprise - he listened patiently and his eyes were on me for four pages! I am also learning to tell stories using different tone and volume to create the ambience. After a while, he dozed off. Then I gonna wait for half an hour later to bath him.

PS: He blew bubble to me when I get close to his face. :)

Feb 11 Bubbly Kayden
He was looking at me, as always, but harder this time. That's how he leant to stick out his tongue many weeks back. This time, he literally copied my actions, he copied very hard and blew his first bubble - pretty huge one! It's another bad habit (previously was sticking out tongue and sucking fingers); but what else can an infant do... will correct him next time.

Feb 10 Cradle Cap Cleaning
Yeah! Oil remedy works!

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