Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week 8 - Growing And Growing

Feb 2 Mr. McDonald
"Daddy and Mommy agreed NOT to introduce McDonald to me.... way before I arrived to this world. Ahhhh..... so this is the man next to me! Guess I get to say 'hello' now but not to eat fries..... whahahahaha!

Feb 1 Mmm.....Mauck!
You have to agree with me that I have sexy lips! - Kayden

Jan 31 Feeding Schedule
For a start, I have drawn up a feeding schedule since Day 1 and it kept changing week by week according to his intake and timing. However, night feeds are always the problematic ones as we - new parents - are not used to the interrupted sleep. Night feeds (0000hrs to 0600hrs) are always very disturbing to parents and we are always hoping that baby will grow to sleep through the night after their last feed of the day, usually between 2100hrs to 0000hrs.

I am exploring a good feed schedule and bravo to my little fellow; he has improved quite a bit with longer intervals (though not sleep through yet):
• Week 1 to 5: 3 hour interval for night feed (50ml - 90ml)
• Week 6 and 7: 4 hour interval for night feed (90ml - 120ml)
• Week 8: 5 hour interval!!!! (135ml - 150ml)

I asked around for others' experiences and searched the Internet and used forums. Well, every 'model' is different, thus I still have to trial and error and Kayden has marked fabulous results in the recent nights! Last night he slept through for seven hours!!!!! My 'trick'? Fill his tummy and he will have a good sleep in a quiet room.

Sounds easy? The part on filling his tummy - his intake is about 150ml in the night and 135ml in the day - is the trick. I give MORE but I dont fill up all at his last feed of the day. Something like this:
• Day feed > 135ml about 3 hours interval
• 1830hrs > 135ml
• 2030hrs > 135ml * 2-hour interval instead of 3*
• Night feed > 150ml

Thus, instead of giving him 150ml at 2130hrs, I have closed up the interval gap by an hour and fed him 135ml at 1830hrs and 2030hrs. Like said, I am still in the trial and error mode. For now, Kayden has slept through for 5 to 7 hours. I catch his interval pattern first then work out a good feeding timing. Way to go..... I believe I can work something out so that I can sleep through between 0000hrs and 0600hrs!

Jan 30 Baby Ticker from Baby Gaga

I am using this baby ticker in forums that I have recently registered:

I am not a forum person but now pretty comfortable with it and checking replies everyday. Of course for baby matters.

Jan 29 Dandruff or Cradle Cap
Umm... realised some flakes on his scalp and more visible now as compare to his Week 3! My mom said is dandruff but after I researched - - it might be cradle cap -

"I WAS TOLD" that old folks use coconut oil to rub on baby's scalp and leave-on for about 30 minutes; then comb it off with a fine-toothed comb and wash it off at bath time. It was not a serious matter and it is pretty harmless; just bothers me (in terms of sight) and afraid that it cause some discomfort to Kayden if it itches like dandruff.

And mommies from forums use 1) oil remedy (almond oil/ olive oil/ J&J Baby Oil) or 2) Cradle cap shampoo from pharmacy...

Jan 28 I Know What I Want
Can you believe that babies can tell you their preferences.... Wee, Kayden is much more demanding now as compared to his first month! He used to just cry for milk and poo/pee... Now.... he can cry for milk, poo/pee and more...

He is not just growing physically (coming to 5.5kg or 6kg) BUT also intelligently! He has his preference about:
1. Style of Carrying - my mom has about five ways of carrying him and I am learning.
2. Latch-on Moments: He will suck his fingers at weird timing and cry out loud to indicate that he wants to suckle.
3. Environment - He will demand for a quiet environment when he wants to sleep.
4. Attention - When he 'calls' for us (in his goo-goo manner), we must be within his vision.

Jan 27 Mitten-free
So happy about him being "mitten-free" but other issues surfaced! He started sucking his fingers and with his dirty little hands, he rubbed his eyes and developed some baby rash around it. Of course they will subside once cool off; just unsightly at times due to its redness...

Now, I always cleaned his little hands with warm water when necessary and where possible. And I introduced "No-no" to him to lessen the frequency of his fingers' sucking activity... Dare not apply any lotion till I consult my PD.

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