Saturday, February 9, 2008

Week 9 - Moving Week

Feb 9 Crying Spells
They always say :"Sleep like a baby..." Uhhh.....oh..... But babies have difficulty sleeping!

His feed interval at nght is getting more stable. 8pm, 10pm and then 5am! Works perfect for me when I return to working life. But he is getting a bit cranky these few days. He can cry out suddenly, before and after feed, before and after sleep!

Always tell myself that "This is temporary. He will grow and the cries will decrease...." - Crying spells often peak at about six weeks and then gradually decrease as mentioned by

"I'm hungry."
"I need to burp."
"I pooped."
"I'm tired."
"I want to be swaddled."
"I want to move."
"I'm lonely."
"I'm hot!"
"I want to suck something."
"I had enough!"
"My tummy hurts."

Feb 7 Gong Xi Gong Xi
Kayden was pretty tired, we were too.

Feb 6 Let Me Hold It!

Feb 5 Rock-a-bye Baby
One of the common worries, baby's sleep - Kayden started with about two hours of sleep interval, then to three and now recently has increase to four hours (five hours especially in the night). I am pretty assured that he can sleep through the night in no time.

From www.mayoclinic - "Although the pattern may be erratic at first, a more consistent sleep schedule will emerge as your baby's nervous system matures and he or she goes longer between feedings. By age 3 months, many babies sleep up to five hours during the night. By age 6 months, nighttime stretches of nine to 12 hours are possible."

PS: Umm... I slept from 2230hrs till 0600hrs. Let me do the maths - that's 7.5 hours! FIRST SLEEP THROUGH night for mommy! I know she was very very happy!

Feb 4 - Size M
Woooooh! I have 'upgraded' to Size M for both my diaper and teats!

Feb 3 - Mommy Danz!
"Mommy has not been dancing for a long long while; ever since I am a little dot inside her belly. Today, she danced! Wooooooh, she still kept her dance energy, passion and in great style. I watched her and at the same time, I swing my arms to 'dance' with her and she also held my little hands as she moves! Ummm.... I love those fast-beat, fast tempo music. Mommy also hoping that I can and I will love to dance too when I grow up...."
I wanna dance too!

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