Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 20 - Baby TV

Subscribed to Baby TV

It's a very well-designed channel for babies! The visuals are simple and clean; the music pieces are very sweet and clear. Perfectly crafted! Different programmes are designed for different objectives! More than just entertainment. It cultivates creativity in their day-to-day's learning from different perspectives! Worth it $4.28 Channel 37 from Starhub.

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Kayden's favourite listings! (PS: He really knows how to watch!!!!!!!)

Draco -
Synopsis > Draco, a curious and cute baby dragon discovers new basic concepts and explores them.
Attribute >The series introduces primary concepts such as: big-small, up-down, one-many etc in a unique and amusing way.
Tip > Share and show examples of these concepts in your surrounding while playing together with your child. These concepts are all around you!

Ping & Pinga -
Synopsis > Two baby penguins use their imaginations to find ways to play with an object they find. The penguins then combine their ideas so they can play together.
Attribute > In what different ways can we play with an object? How can we play together if we each have different ideas? In this series where a pot can be a boat, or it can be a drum in a band, Ping and Pinga give an example of how they use their imagination and cooperation to play together.
Tip > Play an imagination game to enrich the play with a single everyday object that you find around the house: what can we do with a chair? Sit on it? Create a tent underneath it? Lay it sideways? Etc.

Popiz -
Synopsis > A new visitor surprises Pop and Piz in each episode. Through their encounter with the visitor, Pop and Piz discover something new about themselves.
Attribute > Babies are curious about the world and each new encounter they experience is accompanied by different emotions: excitement, disappointment, happiness, trial and error, etc. Pop and Piz take viewers on a journey in which they explore first emotions.
Tip > Watch the show with your child so you can point out and talk about the emotions that Pop & Piz are expressing. For older children, relate these to experiences that have already occurred (remember how you felt when… remember being scared from your new toy…you also like to try …..)

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