Saturday, July 5, 2008

Truly Natural Skincare

Got more skinscare products for little Kayden. Well.... I started off with Calendula Massage Oi and grew to love it!

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New additions in Kayden's soothing basket:
• Calendula Massage Oil Perfect for bonding after bathtime, our calendula massage oil is a gorgeous massage product for calming and soothing baby before sleep. It’s also ideal for adding to baby’s bathwater to gently nourish their delicate skin.

• Sensitive Bits Gel A cooling gel to soothe baby’s irritated skin (mum and dad can use it too!). Perfect for soothing specific areas prone to dryness or sensitivity.

• Little Botty Balm The ideal soothing barrier for baby’s botty! Enriched with calendula oil, the balm soothes and nourishes baby’s skin and helps to form a protective coating to prevent further irritation.

• Little Body Lotion This beautiful lotion gently soothes and nourishes baby’s skin helping to prevent dryness. It contains manuka oil for its gentle anti-microbial action.

• Little Body Bar Little bodies need little soaps! This divine wee cleansing bar beautifully lathers to nourish and moisturise skin during bathtime. Perfect for all skin types, especially delicate, sensitive skin.

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